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Revisiting the idea of simplifying the DC big app license key stuff

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So, what happened to this?
I am working on a new update for GridMove and was seriously considering using it, if possible.

If you want I can show you how to use the license key dll.. Maybe you can code some generic ahk helper functions for interfacing with it.  Let me build a new version of it.  But maybe the big first question is whether we should stick with the license key approach.. or maybe use it only during update checking..

How long are we going to discuss the possible license key change? Not to be a naysayer, but I see quite a bit of talk about a lot of things here, and often times it will go on for weeks with no real discernable outcome or change ever being enacted.

I realize a license key style change is a big deal, but I say we put it to a vote and implement. Pick the top 3 ideas, put it to a vote, and run with it rather than talking about it ad nauseam.

I was talking about the check for update thing, if it was to replace DC updater helper, it'd be really simple to integrate with GridMove.

I'm afraid i'm one of those people that needs to cogitate and chew on ideas for quite a while before i am ready to pull the trigger.. i can see why it might be annoying but sometimes it takes me some time and discussion before i can really see whether a change is needed and in what direction.


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