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Revisiting the idea of simplifying the DC big app license key stuff

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Yeah i was suggesting that donors with a license key can choose exactly when to check for updates, automatically and/or manually.

And that non-donors would no longer need a license key, but would be REMINDED every so often (every 30 days) to "click here" to run an update check, with a "Please consider donating" message shown at that time.  Or reminded to consider donating if they manually invoke the update check.

At least that's one idea.

Just to add some perspective, here's how what we have now works:
   for donors: download, insert key, never worry again
   for non-donors: download, get nag after 1 month, sign up for forum, get key, insert key, get nagged again in 6months, get key, never worry again

As for what we are now looking at:
   for donors: -pretty much the same thing-
   for non-donors: download, get nag after 1 month, ignore or check for update, get nag again in 1month (repeat)

Now, isn't this system even more annoying than what we have now? :) I'm starting to think that if we go this way, DC's software might turn into crippleware. Actually, now that I think about it, what we have now is more annoying since if the user does not insert the key, he gets a nag until he does, right?

what we have now is more annoying since if the user does not insert the key, he gets a nag until he does, right?
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Yes. What we have now essentially REQUIRES people to go get a (free) license key or they will be nagged to do so.  At that point they can download a 60 day license key from the site without signing up, or a 6 month license key (that turns permanent after 1 more visit) which turns off all "nags."

The new idea has a couple of key changes:

* First, no "free" license keys -- they won't be needed any more.  No programs would nag you to donate or visit our site to get a free license key.  All programs would work fully and never stop, and not nag on startup, etc.
* BUT, every 30 days, non-donors will see a COMBINATION "please consider donating" and "update check" dialog, which will guide them through performing an update check/download and at the same time ask them to consider donating (or let them click to cancel the update check).
* My thinking is that combining the reminder to consider donating with the update check could be a win-win, in that it's providing a function to the user and reminding them to consider donating at the time when it's least annoying and most likely to be something they are open to.  But i could be wrong.
* If they *manually* check for updates (or just install updates) more frequently than every 30 days, we could either skip the reminder message entirely, OR show it at those times, not sure which

I have one more advantage for the new system: no more confusions with "free keys", which apparently make people think we have keys to programs other than DC's apps, and sometimes makes them believe that these keys last forever.

One more note: it should be clear (in that same dialog) that after a donation, the program gets automatic updates that only alert when there really are updates.

Regarding nags on manual updates, maybe we could do this: when the program is updated, it can display a one-time nag when it starts up, asking to considered donating.

I don't think this is a good idea, especially for people who have lots of DC apps and are already a donor.
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Quick clarification -- I meant to say that such messages would not be shown to donors who have put in a license key.
-mouser (February 23, 2011, 08:28 AM)
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What you mean is that donors get automatic update check (with no nags), whereas the "free users" need to manually update (and get a "please donate" message when they do?)? That actually doesn't sound half-bad :)
-jgpaiva (February 23, 2011, 08:41 AM)
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I'm curious about the overhead.  Would this be done from within the app, or would it be email/display from DC?  If the former, seems that would put additional load requirements on the developers; if the latter, I might not have read that email, or not have been on DC for a while, thus be unaware of an update to resolve a current glitch.

The idea is great, but the implementation could be dicey  :P.

One (1) thing you might do is establish a page visible after login listing most recent upgrades for each member.  As long as they got the app/key through DC, you'd know which upgrades to post.  Or it could be just a blanket list of upgrades, with a request to non-donors to donate if they download?

The more this is discussed, the more complex it seems  :huh:.


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