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Revisiting the idea of simplifying the DC big app license key stuff

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I really like that idea, but I think it might go against the motto that people who can't pay could have access to a fully-working copy. Personally I really like the "tell us how we can improve our software (or site?) and get a 6-month working key" option, it might bring some nice karma.
-jgpaiva (February 22, 2011, 11:39 AM)
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But can't pay even a dollar to help support the site?
-timns (February 22, 2011, 12:02 PM)
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I was one of them  :-[
At the time, I had no way to actually send money to the site, as I did not have money in Paypal, nor was old enough to have a credit card (now I already am, but still don't have one :P).

It's more of a gut feeling that things are just a little complex and confusing, and that this turns people away.

What about something like this:

Programs always run, always latest version, always full features enabled (just like now).
If you haven't put any license key in you will occasionally be reminded to click a link to get a license key (just like now).

However, the change will be to the license key page, similar to what jgpaiva proposed.  The simplified page will say:

* 1. Click here for a license key that will work for 60 days; come back any time to get another.
* 2. Or donate any amount to become a lifetime member and receive a permanent license key.
And remove all of the other rigmarole.

-mouser (February 22, 2011, 11:34 AM)
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Oops, somehow scrolled too fast and over jgpaiva's post or could have just done a +1.
Simple is better.
IMO I would still consider leaving out the word FREE.

Another possibility would be:

* 1. Click here to get a license key that will last until you upgrade the program to a new version
* 2. Or donate any amount to become a lifetime member and get a permanent license key.
* 3. If you are part of a non-profit organization, or are a freeware author, or have considered the ideas of the site and have decided that you will not be donating for whatever reason, send us an email describing why and we will send you a non-expiring license key.
The change here would be that instead of requiring a new license key every X days, you need a new license key when upgrading.  And no need to sign up for a key, you get one just by visiting the page.

This seems like it would be less annoying for most people.. the downside would be that it might lead to more irritating upgrades and people less likely to want to upgrade, and perhaps less donations.

... and the fear of risking their financial information with some site they don't know about ...
-mouser (February 22, 2011, 12:04 PM)
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That could be relatively easily resolved by offering several payment options, including PayPal, Google Checkout, Amazon (I think), and there are others.  That way, their info is not given to the site, but to a major name - which is presumed to be more trustworthy than a mere site  :P.
(Reason for offering multiple options is to allow for some folk not liking a particular option - I know a bunch who are anti-PayPal.)

I haven't been there for a while, so don't really know what payment options are available.

easily resolved by offering several payment options, including PayPal, Google Checkout, Amazon (I think),
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We do accept paypal, amazon, and a bunch of known trusted shareware payment providers, but the issue is not whether the payment methods are safe and fast (they are); the issue is simply that it's still too much work and too unfamiliar to people to make it something that people do unless they have a strong motivation to do so.


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