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testers post your first impressions here

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i've locked the version update thread so it stays clean and short; please post any thoughts about lbc here.

Just downloaded it, I've played with it for about 2 minutes and I'm already surprised.
It's great, the "add by running process" option is just plain genious, and there are so many options that I had no way to see it all in so little time. Still, it has great potential!
My only comment is: how can I make the title bar disappear when the bar is not docked?
Without changing anything in the options, I get it looking like this:

Changing the main dock's properties to "no border", i get this:

Another thing is that when it's docked, the text on the captions disappear:

Anyways, LBC looks great, and by the options dialog (which is very,very powerful, btw), it looks like it'll even get better!
Well.. You got me using a launch bar again ;) (i stopped using my last one when I found farr ;) )

ill add option to remove titlebar when not docked, but as far as captions disappearing - you have to resize it to get it to the size you want after you dock it, but you cant resize it when borders are set to none - so:

1. turn border back to thin or thick
2. dock it to side of screen and resize it to exact size you want
3. then turn borders back off if you really hate the border when docked.

Oh, the resizing was my bad.
But i think that if there are buttons with captions, the bar should resize to fit the captions.
(also, having a "no captions" option on the bar's options could be in handy)

good ideas both - i can add that.


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