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LATEST LaunchBar Commander VERSION INFO THREAD - v1.158.01 beta - Jan 22, 2020

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Ah, I see.  That's ok, no big deal.  the only place it was really useful was when you were switching themes, and you could try out all the themes before closing the preferences.  That's the only one I could think of.

oh thats a very good point. i'll have to put something bak in there to help that.
perhaps a good solution is to have a sample Launch bar on that actual skin theme tab that you can play with while you are testing themes..

Ok v1.60.06 is now official (still beta), -mouser (November 19, 2006, 10:52 PM)
--- End quote ---

Some tiny 'to do's:
(Windows 2000:)

Installer said "1.60.05", not .06.

"AllStartMenu" gave me "No items to dipslay". I had to use "AllPrograms".

Thanks Curt,

Someone else recently reported empty with AllStartMenu too, but it really should be working and works here.. i'll have to experiment on win2k..

hi guys, my first post here.

first of all, i've been looking for the perfect launcher since ever and believe me, i tried *a lot* of them.
mouser, i'm glad you value efficiency over eyecandy because most eyecandy launchers are pure crap. they lack options, are sluggish and buggy.

despite i found and enjoyed true launch bar on my desktop pc for a couple years, i moved to a portable software solution (which i carry in my portable 100gb hd) months ago and i had to keep looking for (yet) another launcher and this time, it had to be portable. double grief.

until i found launchbar commander. despite its bit buggy, beta version, it has been working good so far and it's fast and pretty. with a future option for us to make our own skins, it will rule the socalled-eyecandy-maclike-launchbars, by miles.
exactly what i was looking for. great piece of software.

now, i found it's *almost* portable (may be a bug):
it uses relative paths for apps and works good but it doesn't use relative paths for the configuration file.
so when i connect my hd to another computer and the drive letter changes and i run LB, a warning box appears telling me it can't find any docks/toolbars/systrays in the config file. i have to click "configure" close my empty mcf file and open my saved mcf file for it to change drive letter in the config file (.ini).
i tried replacing the drive letter in the .ini with the ".\" command but it doesn't work and as soon as i close the program and run it again it will replace the ".\" with the drive letter again. if i set the .ini file to read-only, when i close the program it says it can't write to the config file.

btw, the custom file explorer and internet browser options use relative paths too?

is there a work-around for this? i had "pstart" as my app launcher and its "tree interface" is very confusing for someone who uses more than 2 menu sub-levels.
please don't make me go back!   :Thmbsup:

love your program. keep on the good work.


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