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LATEST LaunchBar Commander VERSION INFO THREAD - v1.158.01 beta - Jan 22, 2020

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ah great point!!

i will fix it so it can find relative configuration files.
the custom file explorer and internet browser should be made to also work on removable drive but i will check to make sure.

i will try to have a new release by next week at the latest.

thanks a lot for the quick reply!
i'll be looking forward to it and i'll be glad to test it.

To all users,

Please post each new BUG REPORT in it's own thread. Do not use this thread for bug reports. You can add them to the LaunchBar Commander forum. After one is posted, we will add it to the LaunchBar Commander - Official Bug Tracking Thread. This will help eliminate the clutter that was the old bug tracking thread.

Thanks for your help!


New beta is up with a bunch of new features.

this is cool! downloading now.. thanks mouser! :Thmbsup:


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