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LATEST LaunchBar Commander VERSION INFO THREAD - v1.158.01 beta - Jan 22, 2020

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New beta version has been uploaded.
-mouser (March 20, 2017, 05:15 AM)
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Working well for me.

(Kaspersky didn't have anything to say to me about it, but then so many people are the same way.)

Nircmd is an awesome free third party tool that I installed with LBC so that you can make buttons that do things like put computer to sleep, etc.  The antivirus programs that alert on it are being incredibly unfair to label such a program as dangerous when it is not.  Nevertheless you can always block that program if you want, it won't affect the functioning of LBC.

Thanks, mouser, for your quick and reassuring response.  It's not clear that I'll be using Nircmd, not because of Kaspersky, just because I doubt I'll want to do any of the things the program would enable me to do.  I'm not sure how I'd disable it, but I'm not sure that's necessary.  I can just tell Kaspersky to ignore it.  I posted the message not because I was worried but simply to give you a heads-up about Kaspersky's unfriendly response.  I have a lot more faith in you than in Kaspersky!  :Thmbsup:

Hi Mouser, I spotted a typo a warning dialog, a misspelling of the word 'function'. Unfortunately I don't have a high-dpi monitor to offer any other feedback.

Thanks very much, dluby, will fix.


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