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LATEST LaunchBar Commander VERSION INFO THREAD - v1.158.01 beta - Jan 22, 2020

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Hopefully this latest beta fixes an annoying problem i've been noticing where moving your mouse to the side of the screen on a full screen game or movie, would make that "sound" that LBC plays when it unhides a dock.  The dock was hidden behind the full screen app but the sound was bloody annoying.

Happy Expat:
LaunchBar Commander
Requires: Microsoft Windows XP/NT/2000/Vista/Win7/Win8

LATEST BETA (1.139.01) Download:
Isn't the release date wrong?-mouser (February 28, 2006, 03:06 PM)
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Official Release:

v1.139.01 - Nov 28, 2013

* [BugFix] Dropping a file into the middle of a parent's children could have resulted in tree showing incorrect items until preferences closed and reopened.
* [Improvement] Minor improvements to the preferences/tree configuration UI; split main program options into multiple tabs.
* [Improvement] Improved layout of command node options and instructions for handling dropped file arguments.
* [MinorFeature] You can now explicitly rebuild launchbars from the preferences tree dialog from View menu, without closing preferences; this acts as a kind of Apply/preview function.
* [Change] Enabled the "add padding" option to launchbars by default; this just adds a little padding at top and bottom (left and right) of launchbars.  This is especially useful for making non-full height docking bars.
* [Improvement] When specifying a menu to be built from file contents, replacements will be made on the filename path specified, allowing you to use virtual folder replacement variables (e.g. %APPDIR% and %APPDRIVE%).
* [Improvement] It was confusing to new users that the root Options node was where you had to go to change global system options, so I added a View -> Program Options item to menu,
* [Improvement] LaunchBars won't unhide if a full screen app is running (think Netflix, screensaver, etc.)
* [Improvement] Some checks for fullscreen app running were failing.
* [Improvement] On portable use, it was possible for mcf docking bar files to not be found if the directory name had changed.
* [BugFix] Folder node hints were wrong.
* [BugFix] Change icon button was sometimes unreadable.

I think one of the recent changes may have caused a small problem.

On the (XP) machine my most customised version of LBC lives on, I use VirtuaWin for multiple desktops. Since I updated LBC (yesterday) I've noticed that it has started mattering which order I load LBC and VirtuaWin: if VirtuaWin is running already, the LBC dock is only available in one of my desktops rather than (as previously) all of them. So, for instance, if I move the mouse to the bottom of screen 4 to activate my autohidden LBC dock, I get flipped to desktop 1 before the dock appears -- which came as a bit of a shock the first six times. (Look, I'm not always wearing my most analytical hat, okay? ;) )

I can fix it by exiting from VirtuaWin and reloading it, but this is definitely something I've never had to do before...

It's not a perfect fix: if I modify something LBCish which results in it reloading the dock, it does it in such a way that it "sticks" to the desktop that was active at the time of the reload. :(

hmm.. and this is new since the latest version you think?

Is there a virtuawin option to tell it certain apps should be considered to be on all desktops?


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