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Windows Shortcut transformation

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I have to test the program and wait about 30 minutes to see interaction before try another options.
I want to convert the shorcuts in real files and folders.

And according to my interpretation of the program instructions I have to mark nothing. Only select source folder and target folder and execute.
I try after reiniate the system and prepared the new target folder

I received No shortcuts found and nothing is copied to the destination folder.

So I continue thinking the scenerio three Recursive copy is the adequate and I will have to wait to see the results. 30 minutes I suppose, and will comment.

I have repeat the scenerio third. Received the message 436 shortcuts copied . I supposed the program is working in the background.
I have save this time the log.
I think I have to wait. I don't see in the opened target folder any change.
I click on the until now empty folder and actulize. The CRONO folder appear.
The script is working in the background.....

The program don't copy normal files, only shortcuts.
So I have make first a copy or the source folder in the target folder of all the files.
Then see the corresponding files to the shortcuts created by the program and delete them in the target folder after verify that the file they are pointing is copied in the target folder.

I'll try this in
M:\Documents and Settings\JOSE\Escritorio\0486.11.DE.003

Now I will delete by hand the shorcuts in DE.003 (M:\Documents and Settings\JOSE\Escritorio\0486.11.DE.003) testing the corresponding real files.
The source folder contains 1194 files and 20 folders with 114 MB. The destination folder at the present time contains 2957 files and 124 folders with 2.69 GB.


I take notes of all this to not forget. I will comment everything

Best Regards

I received this time the message total shortcuts found 436, succefully copied 434

I'm currently hiding from the tax people in the UK at the moment, (not too far from a certain DC member in Yorkshire ;) ), but to answer some of the above:

* It only works on shortcuts.  I could add in copying of actual files/folders but it would be slow compared to some programs out there.  If you want to copy all files/folders excluding shortcuts, try:
xcopy source destination /E /EXCLUDE:.lnk
This will duplicate the folder structure, (including empty folders), and copy all files/folders except shortcuts.
* It doesn't run in the background, the progressbar is updated as each shortcut is processed and the results are displayed when all processing is finished.
* You can refresh the Short2Real directory display by pressing F5.
* You'll need to refresh explorers' file view by pressing F5.


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