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Windows Shortcut transformation

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Ouwwww. That's not my spirit. I use shortcuts precisely to not duplicate file space. With seven real hard disk in my new pc I am plenty of space. Super plenty of space. I think a hard drive goes better is plenty of space. Today is easy with disks of 2 TB with variable speed.
I have downloaded the soft and try for the future.

At the present moment I need to export some information and create recopilations of real files under relative hyperlinks under one single folder. Not a dozen folders inside 7 hard disks specialized. That's is mi situation for the rest of my life, but not for the rest of the world I need to communicate.

Sometimes I need duplicate the information in one single folder to share.....

Better to share.

Here's a mostly finished version, there's a couple more things I want to do/cleanup but it seems to work OK - it hasn't formatted my drive so that's a bonus.

What's been done:

* Added: A real GUI
* Added: Duplicate folder tree option.  It obeys the state of the Recursive copy option, ie. it'll only work on the source directory unless the Recursive option is selected.  Empty folders will be copied if this option is enabled.  It will duplicate the folder tree even if no shortcuts are found.
* Added: Delete shortcut option.  It will only delete the original shortcut if the copy was successful, (that's the theory anyway), the existing source folder structure will be left intact.
* Added: About button
Thinking of doing:

* Adding an option to just duplicate the folder tree.  ie. Not to copy files/folders linked by a shortcut.
* Adding an option to rewrite the shortcuts to point to the destination copy.
* Adding a progressbar, (but don't count on it).

* Winning the lottery.
* Going on holiday to Tenerife :D
You can refresh the display by using F5 after the copy has finished.

NOTE: This program only acts upon shortcuts, (*.lnk), therefore it won't copy real files and it'll only copy the folder structure if the Duplicate folder tree option is selected.

See here.


* Winning the lottery.
-4wd (February 23, 2011, 09:31 PM)
--- End quote ---

Do you need beta testers?


* Winning the lottery.
-4wd (February 23, 2011, 09:31 PM)
--- End quote ---

Do you need beta testers?-PhilB66 (February 23, 2011, 11:30 PM)
--- End quote ---

If you mean by 'beta testers', someone who'll buy the tickets and then give me all proceeds of winnings, (I'd reimburse you the ticket cost - I'm not that much of a skinflint), then the answer is yes  ;D

OK, on with the perpetually evolving piece of randomly generated code: Short2Real v0.19

Since you last possibly downloaded it:

* Added: Option to just duplicate the folder tree, no copying is done.  Selecting this will disable the Delete and Rewrite options - makes sense once you think about it.
* Added: Option to rewrite the original shortcuts to point to the new file/folder location.  Only done if the copy was successful because it has to delete the original shortcut first.  The Delete and Rewrite options are mutually exclusive, selecting one disables the other.
The next time you might download it:

* Progressbar - still a definite maybe.
Feel free to test it out on your most prized files, files where if they disappeared you'd run around the house screaming, "I'll kill him!  Honest to <bleep> I'll kill the <bleeping> <bleep>!!!"

BTW, I have no idea if this will work on a computer using strange foreign characters, (foreign as in non-English).

See here.


I'll try and comment the last version. I supposed is not problem with the english version. But I'll try with the ñ , and the tildes o accents.

If you come to Tenerife I want to know you. Tell me the date please.


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