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DVCS ? (All about Git, Mercurial-Hg and the like...)

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I wanted to rename a file and a directory today but failed to find a simple way to do this from SmartGit.  Ended up using git mv from the command line

Has anyone figured out how to do this simply via SmartGit's UI?  The online user manual had the following bit in it, so may be there isn't a nice way:

Explicit copy and move operations are not possible, Git recognizes them automatically.

--- End quote ---

However, that bit of text was from "Known limitations" under "SVN support configuration" though so may be it's not relevant.

You're working with Git ? Is there a reason why you wanted to do an explicit rename ? Normally Git is good at automatically detecting renames.

It seems odd to me that via the command line one can use git mv, yet there does not appear to be something comparable in the SmartGit UI (hopefully there is something and I have just missed it).

Do you have any recommendations as to how to cope with renaming through SmartGit's UI?

Sorry, your post got lost in my emails for some reason... I'll look at that this WE.
Did you find any solution ?

Haven't found a solution within SmartGit so far.

Did get me to learn a bit about using Git through Emacs though :)


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