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DVCS ? (All about Git, Mercurial-Hg and the like...)

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Yes 2 great references.  :up:

I put a list of references a while ago but haven't got the time to really "finalize" it or anything
Since we've been into references lately, here is some of it (there are a few already mentioned... I'll update the list with other entries -- if necessary -- when I'll have more time).

I got many links through this site : A central reference

If one is just trying Git and wants to use the basic Git GUI (which is perfectly functional IMO), this is a good "how to" to just learn the basics + a couple more tricks : An Illustrated Guide to Git on Windows (Start using Git with msysgit)

And then here are my personal favorites :

Pro Git

Git Reference (already mentioned by wraith808)

Git Ready

Git Magic

And then a lot of other useful stuff :

The official tutorial

The official manual


Everyday commands

Cheat Sheet


Git for Computer Scientists

Git from the bottom up

Lots of screencasts/videos… Here are some interesting URLs with a few fun tricks :) :

And... Good  Comparisons with Mercurial

Git and Mercurial - Compare and Contrast

Mercurial and Git: a technical comparison

P.S. : BTW, I'm using SmartGit a lot these days and I like it more and more.
I'm still used to the "one pane" diff viewer of the basic git GUI though... for some (strange?) reasons I kinda like it. Anybody else? :)

One question- it seems that your repository in the case that you're not using something like github is purely local- is this true? -wraith808 (June 05, 2011, 08:26 PM)
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Yes, I imagine, unless you decide to move it somewhere else (other than github).

At some point I was thinking of setting my own "remote server" using a dropbox/spideroak/[...] account and use it as a git remote server. There are already a lot of examples of similar setup on the web. I could share a few links if you're interested.

And is there a way to have a copy of the repository without another machine?
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You mean cloning your repo? you can clone a repo wherever you want. From a server or a local machine.

I think you'd need to use the -l  and maybe the --no-hardlinks flags (depending on what you want).

SmartGit and other GUIs make cloning a piece of cake.

I don't know if that answers your questions though...?

Basically, when I wasn't using VSS, I was using a product called QVCS (very good... got a bit slow when the repo became large).  I have two machines at home that I develop on (sometimes 3- but down to 2 right now), so I wanted a repository that I could share between machines, and of course use as a back up.  I know that you can use Git that way, but I was trying to figure out how to do that without a central server.


So you want to be able to connect computer A to computer B and pull the changes from one to the other?
Would using something like Dropbox/spideroak a possibility?
There are many blogs where steps are described. A few good ones :


Generally speaking the setup process seems simple : 1- initialize your local repo, 2- initialize a "bare" repo in Dropbox, 3- link both repo (add origin), 4- push from your "local repo" to Dropbox.

^ I thought that might be possible; but I thought that was also what the (D) in DVCS stood for... distributed?  So I thought it was peer-to-peer from the description.  Is that just a function of Git that it doesn't work that way?  Or is the description wrong at wikipedia (which is always a possibility) or am I misunderstanding something?


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