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DVCS ? (All about Git, Mercurial-Hg and the like...)

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I follow this thread with great interest, but lack of time got me never further than actually using the software.

So keep up the good work!  :Thmbsup:
-Shades (March 16, 2011, 01:05 PM)
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Thanks. What I hope : that my hours of explorations can benefit others.

I do have a question though: I assume it is possible to search for a particular change by a particular user using any of the GUI tools?
(the lack of that option is something I absolutely hate from WinCVS / CVS (which I am forced to work with).)
-Shades (March 16, 2011, 01:05 PM)
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Yes it is. It's one of the powerful thing both Hg and Git can do. But Git can even go a step further and actually show you where that change comes from... e.g.: if lines have been from one file to another.

I planned to talk about it with more precision in another post (don't have enough time right now...) but I can briefly touch on the subject.

In Git, you can look at a file and see where everything comes from using that command and options :

git  blame  -C  somefile

I tried the blame function in Mercurial (the same commands available : hg blame -f  somefile, hg annotate -f  somefile ) and it “works” : it tells you who committed a specific line(s), but doesn’t do the impressive thing Git does here:  telling you in which file it was before! IMO, this is no small advantage.

With all the GUIs mentioned above, you can access the basic "blame" command, no problem. But I don't think that they give you the extra option to also see the actual details of "the last file where the moved lines could be found" (I'll double check that later). But you do see the commit's author, hash, etc.

Except for SmartGit, they pretty much have the same work flow. The GUI is different though (tortoise's is nicer and friendlier, but Git GUI (the default) gets the job done too...)

Git GUI :
-select file  
- explorer context menu : Blame

TOrtoiseGit :
- select file  
- explorer context menu : Blame


Great stuff...

I haven't abandoned this thread!  :) But I'm lacking time these days, so here's an article offering an interesting point of view.

Why I Like Mercurial More Than Git

I don't fully share the author's opinion, but he clearly has more experience with both software than I do.

I'm going to keep in mind his remarks as I continue using Git -- which, as far as I'm concerned, has been a pleasure! Contrarily to the author I find that Git's index is a real strength and it does make a difference in my work.

Regarding some SmartGit functionality...

not having an option to use the system JDK but installing it's own separate copy.
-f0dder (March 08, 2011, 03:53 AM)
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Currently there is something like the following bit in section 5.4 of the bundled file quick-start-guide.pdf:

5.4 JRE search order (Windows)
On Windows, the smartgit.exe launcher will search for an appropriate JRE in the following order (from top to bottom):

* Environment variable SMARTGIT JAVA HOME
* Sub-directory jre within SmartGit’s installation directory
* Environment variable JAVA HOME
* Environment variable JDK HOME
* Registry key HKEY LOCAL MACHINE\SOFTWARE\JavaSoft\Java Runtime Environment
--- End quote ---

I haven't personally tested this functionality though as I'm currently trying the portable installation (it comes packaged with a JRE).

Thanks for the heads up ewemoa, and also for bringing back this thread to my mind !  :)

I think this topic is awesome. I've got little to offer - except that I barely limp by on my own using git for my personal versioning of my projects. Plain stage, commit -m and tag are all I use - and occasionally Git GUI to rollback a bit. I ought to use branches more, but last time I did so while branching from a public repo, I had a lot of troubles integrating changes made to the public repo into my own branch. Manually needing to merge my months old changes each time pretty much made me drop that hobby activity. :(

I love the pointers towards the software packages you've put up there - I might need to try those at some point as the command-line does get a bit annoying at times (especially when dealing with files in sub-directories). You found yourself another reader who patiently awaits new additions to this topic! :)


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