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DVCS ? (All about Git, Mercurial-Hg and the like...)

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Good luck :)

There's a new one from axosoft in beta - GitKraken.  From the blurb they give on that page, I don't see what's so different, so I'm not trying it out.

I tried working on a project and got so sidetracked trying to get git to work the way I wanted to that I moved the project to Mercurial so I could actually work on the project instead of spending all my time fiddling with git.

What I've ended up doing is being productive using Mercurial, then when I get to a place where I'm ready for the cloud builder to make a test build for me, I copy all the files over to a separate git repo to add/push the changes to let the cloud do its job.

I probably just need more time to force myself to learn the git tools, but right now I'm finding it really hard and frustrating to do things that are so easy and natural for me to do using Mercurial's tools.

It's nice that there are tools to import / export :)

I didn't find it easy to get used to git -- certainly took a number of iterations.  In the end knowing about the guts a bit was helpful, but it's not the kind of thing one may enjoy hearing about when all one wants to do is work on one's code...

I found that for most day to day code work, it's pretty straight forward (committing stuff, creating branches, merging branches, rebasing, stashing, squashing, blaming, etc.). Especially with a nice gui. But then, I didn't use the more advanced functions that much.


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