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How the Egyptian Government found an off switch to the Internet

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Yes, I was really surprised when Internet access stopped here in Egypt, I couldn't believe it was possible for the government to do such a completely idiotic thing. Apparently they thought that would prevent the protesters from contacting each other so they would quit or something (the protests started from a mere facebook group). This and also the cellular services blockage only made the protesters even more stubborn with their demands.

I really can't describe the week when all these communication services were blocked, but it was terrifying how you can't call anyone using a mobile phone or chat with friends to know whether they were okay or not.

That figure gives me CCNA nightmares...or is it dreams?  :P

Libya puts its finger in the dam by shutting off the net at night:

Libya puts its finger in the dam by shutting off the net at night:
-zridling (February 21, 2011, 08:17 AM)
--- End quote ---

Wow! A cyber-curfew.

Must be nice that their Secret Police services will finally be able to start getting some sleep at night.

And just think about all the payroll savings!  :o

Who knows? Maybe they'll be able to get rid of that third shift after all. :P


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