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how to make every app portable?

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Isn't that just a collection of apps that happen to be portable?-timns (February 17, 2011, 02:58 PM)
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Yes it is but there is also JauntePE application forum board:

This software can make any application portable (similar to TinyApps or Sandboxie).

Threads here which may be of interest:
JauntePE and others

I'd give Cameyo a try since JauntePE is no longer developed.  EDIT: My mistake, I really should keep up with these things.

Note, these are application virtualisation - if you want a completely portable application they have to be coded that way from the start AFAIK.

By the way, this has no right being a word:

Portablization-timns (February 17, 2011, 03:02 PM)
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Damn straight!  It's Portablification.


You could take a look here,

I haven't tried it, but Make Use Of generally is on the mark.  Be certain to read all the comments on the how-to article.

This process is on my to-do list, but it'll be a week or three (3) before I have time to mess with it.  One caveat is that not all apps will fit this process ... you'll just have to try it with the apps you cannot live without, see what happens.

FYI here are some interesting links:

but are there any data regarding the performance differences between a portable version of an app and its regular version? if there are not any, then it seems that every program should be portable, there are no real advantages of being installed

Get VirtualBox on (somehow), then buy a 64GB USB drive and use it for a portable VM with everything you want installed on it! :P
-Deozaan (February 17, 2011, 03:32 PM)
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Is this a legit idea? That sounds pretty awesome, does VBox portable run smoothly?


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