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how to make every app portable?

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Get VirtualBox on (somehow), then buy a 64GB USB drive and use it for a portable VM with everything you want installed on it! :P

Exactly, yes, is 64gb "big" nowadays?

I'd be doomed without a hell of a lot of very specific software that I suspect would never be made portable - and in fact DCers saved my bacon a while back by helping me create a virtual PC that held some protected software from a company that went out of business without the decency to lodge their code in escrow.

So unless one's needs are quite basic, a simple suit of portable software is always too much of a compormise to be useful. But then again, I'm old and inflexible  >:(

Exactly, yes, is 64gb "big" nowadays?-timns (February 17, 2011, 03:49 PM)
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Well I was thinking of a thumb drive. I guess you could put it on an external HDD or SDD and get up to a couple TB of storage for your little Portable PC. :)

Another alternative is to get some sort of Linux distro installed on an external HDD and then wherever you are just boot from the USB drive rather than the internal HDD.

By the way, this has no right being a word:



-timns (February 17, 2011, 03:02 PM)
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Ty...that actually made me laugh...while saying it out loud  :D


okay but option for portable version should be present to all apps


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