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March Fundraiser Pledge: teaser

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Looks very cool  :up:

Thanks! It's bound to have something unique to offer...

... like new unheard-of-before bugs  :P

I just decided to pick this up again next month. I trialled the other forum readers out there and they're not too good. The nicer one (forum pilot) appears to be abandoned and is pretty bad at picking up new posts.

1Topic crashes with "failed to register resource" and again the site has not been touched since '08.

Web Forum reader is a disaster to set up. It cannot seem to get the hang of the DC layout at all.

So: all-in-all, I think it IS time for a nice DoCo reader. I have the boring invisible stuff in place (download, threading, database) so it's now the fun things to be done: how to best present the messages, filtering, searching, sorting.


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