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March Fundraiser Pledge: teaser

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Dunno what the standard is for a pledge, but I can always clean it up later.

And, by the way, I sure hope there's nothing like this out there already!

If there is, tell me now before I carry on  :'(

So here is my Pledge for the March 2011 fundraiser. An app that allows you to browse the DoCo forums outside of the usual browser interface. I expect, but have not checked, that it will also work for other SMF forums too.

This is a Java application with a little database that allows you to interact with the forums in a more natural manner. The program will automatically group messages by thread, and show you what's new in the forums by updating itself on a regular basis.

So reading and replying to messages now becomes more like using your email.

You can also filter messages in or out by various criteria, such as (but not limited to) by date, username, tag etc. allowing you to focus on the stuff that interests you. Or even ignore entire threads if they are no longer of interest.

I think the screenshots will tell a better story:

March Fundraiser Pledge: teaser

March Fundraiser Pledge: teaser

It's usable already, but there's a lot missing at this stage. I'll post more details as things come along. Now's also the time to hit me with questions and ideas.

Interesting! Reminds me of some other "forum browser app" systems I've seen, except it already doesn't suck (judging by the screenshots). :D Looking forward to trying it out.

- Oshyan

Son-of-a-bitch! I actually did look around to see if there was anything out there, but didn't really find much.

Good title!

Thanks Chris - just the first thing I could think of.  :-[


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