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Advanced System Optimizer 3-87% Discount

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sure, you'll send them an email and simply ask that you would like a non-profit license (pro as well)
hint: the coupon also works when upgrading - 50%+30%=80%

for first time user, well.. 30%off for non-profit
maintenance periods, i recall they are pretty long, you can look there at their changelog if interested

x86/x64, commandline support, works fine with windows 7

When uninstalled, like so many others of this kind of programs, ASO3 will forget to remove its entries in Windows > Planned Jobs ('daily updates'). I am a little disappointed that Revo Uninstaller doesn't find these jobs.

ASO looks like a piece of crapware to me - a zillion different little tools, including the ever-present snake-oil crapware like "memory optimizers", vaguely described "System Protector" et cetera. I'd stay clear, find decent versions (probably available as freeware) of the 2-3 tools you actually need from the suite, and never look back.

Test it, or (edited), before posting.

I've looked at their website and skimmed through the marketing-crap there. I've seen enough similar products in the past... it's all marketed at "slightly above the non-tech end-user" who thinks he needs a lot of stuff, doesn't know enough to get proper individual tools, and doesn't know enough to realize the product he paid for is half-assed crapware.


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