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Advanced System Optimizer 3-87% Discount

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Thanks ha14 for spotting this bargain. Been waiting for a good deal on ASO for ages after reading many good reviews. Bought 2 licenses. Cheers  :)

I haven't tried ASO3, but I've notice this feature that should make it worth the asked $5 (FIVE!):

Disk Explorer

The Disk Explorer utility features a Windows Explorer-style interface that displays all of the available drives on your system on the left, and all of the folders contained in the selected drive on the right. With the intuitive pie chart graphic, you'll be able to see, at a glance, what types of files take up the most space on your disk. Have you ever wondered how much of your disk space is taken up by music files? With Disk Explorer, this is no longer a mystery! Want to clean up your drive and free up some space? Disk Explorer provides you with a handy list of the 100 largest files on the drive.
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In theory, this makes it a competitor to the $27.50 ($55) Key Metric FolderSizes Home (Pro)

Smart PC Care + Game Optimizer + Driver Updater + System Protector + Disk Tools + Backup Manager + PC Fixer + Disk Optimizer + Undelete + Registry Cleaner + Registry Optimizer + System Cleaner + Disk Explorer + Uninstall Manager + Memory Optimizer + Privacy Protector + Secure Delete + Secure Encryptor + System File Backup & Restore + System & Security Advisor + Duplicate Files Remover + Startup Manager-ASO3
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Of course all this is worth $5.

Steven Avery:
Hi Folks,

The FolderSizes program looks interesting, to compare with WinDirStat and others.

FolderSizes - Last Freeware Version

As for ASO, I have most of those functions with dedicated programs, usually freeware.


non-profit users can ask key metric for an non-profit discount = 30%off
i asked once and he sent me the discount.

non-profit users can ask key metric for an non-profit discount = 30%off
-Bionic71 (February 17, 2011, 04:56 AM)
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... the $27.50 ($55) Key Metric FolderSizes Home (Pro)-Curt (February 16, 2011, 06:51 PM)
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Do you mean 30% off the PRO version's listed price?


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