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March 2011 Fundraiser Celebration -- Pledges?

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@tomos -PDFTT. :)

I'll bet he'll have a strong feeling of "isn't that the same old sh*?".
-lotusrootstarch (February 25, 2011, 04:59 AM)
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Funny you should say that because that's usually my thoughts when reading your posts.

One of your complaints is that there has not been any noticeable additions to the number of active members of the site.

How would you propose to fix that?

Should we take the donations people make and employ paid posters that care nothing about the site to be those new active members you want so badly?

Or maybe perhaps you could become an active member, instead of sitting on the sidelines waiting for the rare occasion where you can pop up and complain about the site and its lack of new active members. With only 28 posts, 25% of which are in this thread, you haven't exactly done much for the community that you claim can do better. This community can do nothing without its members taking an active part in shaping the direction it goes.

Instead of just occasionally pointing out what you perceive to be problems, you can be part of the solution. Instead of sitting in your lawn chair pointing out the flaws, roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Now, back to the topic...

If we reach the fundraiser goal, I pledge to create a searchable "mini-site" to categorically catalog and tag every application we offer...all the major apps, all the coding snacks, all the NANY apps...all of it.

It will be a huge time consuming task and once I get started I will probably need the help and cooperation of many of the coders here, answering questions about their apps. I will probably also need a few dedicated volunteers to help maintain it, adding new apps as they are made.

I also wouldn't want to start it till I see the new front page design, live.


Because you guys can potentially do better but with all the yes-sayers and fanboys around it's pretty hard to really move ahead you know.
-lotusrootstarch (February 25, 2011, 05:13 AM)
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One can almost always do better. Constructive criticism should be accepted with grace, if well meant, and probably evaluated seriously even if not. Many of us here are 'listening' to what you say and thinking about it. We tend to do that around here.

My difficulty is that I don't see where or how your comments are constructive. To me they seem full of "you should/you shouldn't" without any substantive suggestions of how or why. Your comments about servers did offer some suggestions but those had already been considered, tried, and improved upon.

I agree that fund raisers tend to kick up the dust of discussion and that a good bit of what's talked about never comes to pass once that dust settles. It's also true that changes and improvements do take place even if they do not seem dramatic. I would be offended to be categorized as a "yes-sayer or fanboy" and, like you, I have made a modest donation or two to the site. One can only speak personally but I shall contribute again because I am satisfied with DonationCoder, see no need for radical change, and am pleased by the steady improvements that I see. A chacun son goût.

One more thing that probably bears saying -- it's hard to reconcile the idea BOTH that we need more new user participation AND that we shouldn't have a fundraiser because we haven't had as much new user involvement as we should or would like.  Half the point of the fundraiser-celebration is to try to get new users involved and to be part of the site -- not just through financial contributions but by participating in discussions and content creation.


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