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March 2011 Fundraiser Celebration -- Pledges?

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This will act as an incentive for people to both Donate, AND Pledge!
-Stephen66515 (February 21, 2011, 08:58 PM)
--- End quote ---

With respect, I feel that might not work. If people can't see and get a sense of what's on offer that could be a disincentive.

Not to want to rain on things...but I'm not super keen on the whole pledging concept in general.

Maybe it's just me, but my pointed little head views it as an added layer of complexity coming between the individual and (hopefully) their making a donation. And the pledging process tends to come across as being just a little full of itself after a while. Almost like when people try to pep up an otherwise dull meeting by introducing some "team building" activities into the mix.

I don't mind being asked to make a donation to something I admire or believe in. Just let me write them my check or give them my card number and all's well AFAIC. But when they start with games, and pledges, and fund matching 'challenges', and tiered membership premiums, and...well...all the usual crap PBS layers on top during their bi-monthly fundraisers, I start getting annoyed. And tend not to contribute as a result.

But again, maybe that's just me. :huh:

Whatever gets decided, please do your best to keep it as simple as possible?

If there are too many pledge options for a contributor to look at, you run the risk of "candystore lockup." That's when the number of choices overwhelms the customer - who often leaves without buying anything.

Top restaurants know that. Which is why some of the finest and most successful have what to some would seem like an extremely small menu (2 specials + 3 entrees max). Contrast that with the average multi-page jumbo-sized diner menu - and the number of people who end up just ordering a snack or coffee because the menu was too much to think about.

wow, busy!

a minor idea -
that we put some brief promotional spiel in the top of the 1st post in threads (coding snacks, etc.) that are related to the fundraising - e.g.

This is part of the dc fundraising drive, March 2011 - see that thermometer up there we are aiming to raise $XYZ in order to maintain the site etc.

then in the bottom of the first post we could add a list of people who have pledged money related to this particular thread/snack/etc.


Re getting new people - if there's enough activity would the promotional newsletter not be enough?
How did it work last time - IIRC there was just the fundraiser - no special site activity - thread here (March 2009)
and here's the thermometer banner used that time

there was a lot of excitement watching that  - but I dont know was that just amongst 'regulars' or also for first time donaters...

I am sorry if i threw hot water on the pledge idea that some people were really into.. I should make clear that I think the pledge idea is fun and have no objection to it on principle, I've just become sensitive to the idea that confusion and complexity are the main weaknesses of DC.  So I have been trying to be disciplined about not introducing any more than necessary..

Pledges are good for those who are already member of doco and want to fetch more donations. I don't know how it will complicate for those who are not yet part of doco forums or never donated earlier. Pledges for mini review, blogging, programs are going to bring visitors to the site, so i don't see any complications there. Just redirect the traffic to 'fund raiser' page and there is no complication for new members. Let's just keep some pledges within forums and put coding snack on display. This will not complicate things as these things are already running on this site.


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