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We are doomed: IBM's Watson debuts on Jeopardy today (14 Feb 2011)

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Last word:
Watson gets smashed on Conan:

The result of the Jeopardy match doesn't surprise me all that much.

When it comes to 'hard' science and bleeding-edge research, few beat out IBM.

While its business operations are distinctly open to criticism, its R&D has always been first class.

Too bad more of it doesn't make its way into their products more quickly.  

Kind of amusing. Apple comes up with a pretty case for a consumer product with a major engineering flaw and the press calls it breakthrough innovation. IBM does what it does, yet the Apple fans mock it because they feel IBM is lumbering and "so yesterday."

Love it.  :-\

Stoic Joker:
yet the Apple fans mock it because they feel IBM is lumbering and "so yesterday."-40hz (February 17, 2011, 09:28 AM)
--- End quote ---

That's because IBM used the wrong name and avatar for their project. They should have given it a cutiesy name and a doe-eyed fawning imbecile avatar. Then the Apple crowd would have bought millions of them overnight.

So how did the Jeopardy match turn out? The first news article I read about it made it sound like it came in close 2nd place. This thread makes it sound like it won. Another article I read said it was a tie... :huh:

It won!
77.147$ vs 24.000$ vs 21.600$.


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