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Windows standard beep ("ding") when changing between screenshots

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Jesper Hertel:
When I change between different screenshots to the left, I get a standard Windows beep ("C:\Windows\Media\Windows Ding.wav") every time. Even if I click on the image that is currently shown, I get the beep. This is rather annoying, as the beep is normally used for getting the user's attention, but there is no reason for it when I just click on an image...

Could this be fixed? :)


you shouldn't be hearing any beep? what version of screenshot captor are you using?

can you see if it happens with this version:

Jesper Hertel:
I was using v2.89.01.
The problem is also there in the version you gave a link to.
The problem has been there for quite some time, at least 6 months I think.
It has not always been there.

When I right click a file or folder to the left, the beep also comes, before the context menu appears.
It doesn't matter what folder is displayed.

The beep does not come when I switch to Detailed view and click on files and folders. But in all the other three views (Thumbnails, Large icons, List) the sound is there when I click on files and folders.

In Detailed view, though, when I use the arrow keys to select the next or previous file or folder, the sound is there!

Wierd, huh?

Jesper Hertel:
(I can see that this topic is about the same problem - no solution there either, though.)

Jesper Hertel:
tanis424 has mentioned the same problem:

One small thing I'd love to have changed is the "ding" sound played whenever I select a thumbnail in the Screenshot Panel. I cannot find an option for this, it appears to be using the Windows Default Beep sound. A small thing, sure, but an annoying one. :)
-tanis424 (April 27, 2010, 09:53 PM)
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