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Windows standard beep ("ding") when changing between screenshots

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I figured it was some odd Windows thing and just ignored it. Looks like I need to update SC now. :)


Furthermore it seems to affect Vista only (or primarily), and all the sufferers on this thread are using Vista.  So this is definitely the problem.

-mouser (February 10, 2011, 08:50 PM)
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I am running XP Pro SP2 and hear a 'boop' whenever I press Prnt Scrn to capture the active window.  You say beep I say boop.  Is this the same thing being discussed here.  I've looked through options to turn it off but never seemed to find anything and also figured it was just a sound to confirm the capture.

sounds like something completely different bob.  there is an option to play a sound on capture in the SC options (Post-Capture Options tab); try turning that off.  it shouldnt be a beep if enabled, but at least a good first step is to turn that off and see if that cures your problem.


It was already un-checked.  So I enabled it and took a shot.  This time I heard the shutter click and "boop" in the background. Turned off Post Capture Sound again, took a shot and got just the "boop." Everything else seems to be working fine.  It's not a problem for me but wanted to let you know I was hearing something in XP also.

can you try the beta link posted above and see if that happens to help?


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