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Non-english characters changed to underscore when renaming a screenshot

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Jesper Hertel:
When I rename a screenshot by changing the name in the "Name" box below the image, all Danish characters (æ, ø, å, Æ, Ø, Å) are changed into underscores ("_"). It seems completely unnecessary, as file names can contain these characters without problems.

Could this be fixed?

I am trying to attach an image with an example, but I cannot get a preview of it. But maybe it works when I post it?


Jesper Hertel:
Yes, it worked when I posted it :-).

What I typed in the Name field was: "trådløst", not "tr_dl_st" as it was immediately changed into by ScreenshotCaptor.

Jesper Hertel:
I am using v2.89.01 of ScreenshotCaptor, by the way.

Jesper Hertel:
On Vista Home Premium SP2  :)

i should be able to fix.


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