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[HELP] broke a (HP) Printer by pulling USB Plug -when it was trying to print (?)

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I might well just get XP mode set up at such a tme, or some virtual machine with an older OS to do the printing from. HD space comes in plentiful numbers after all. :)

Carol Haynes:
I may be wrong but I don't think XP drivers will install and work through USB in XP Mode - the USB support is pretty basic and probably won't support installing devices. Best bet is to get host drivers and use printer sharing in XP Mode.

Actually I don't think any of the desktop VM apps will let you do that - I would be glad if someone can prove otherwise.

I had a similar thing happen a while back with an audio device.  Reloaded software, drivers, reboots and still nothing.
What finally did work was a suggestion I found on a forum somewhere.  Can't remember which it was.
The person said to go into Device Manager and delete the USB port the device was operating through. Sometimes they get bumfuzzled.
After I did that and plugged the device back in it was re-recognized and worked fine.

Not sure if the same thing can apply with the printer but might work.
-bob99 (January 28, 2011, 06:25 PM)
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thanks for the tip -
checking the usb ports properly would be a logical step ... although I know they can work for one device and not for another (there was a thread about that here lately**). I'll try Stoic's suggestions first anyways before messing with ports

-tomos (January 29, 2011, 03:32 AM)
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I wasn't sure if it would be applicable in this case or not.  Thanks for pointing out the thread.  Some reason I hadn't looked at it before.  I got tired of trying to keep an HP printer working as it should.  Up until the last two I had dealings with they were great.  With the last two, even with help from others on HP's forum, it was one thing or another.  A couple of the suggestions to myself & others were buy a newer generation printer with more current drivers.  HP was not updating drivers on these.  Even though one was only a little over a year old.  That is what I finally did.  I found an inexpensive Canon MFP a few months ago and yet to have the 1st problem.

Good luck with figuring it out.

tomos away:
doing mouser's trick - an away from home login (forgot my password :-[)

On the installation disk there is a folder called CCC - find it (sorry can't remember where it is). Inside are 4 files UninstallL1..4* - execute them in sequence (they remove all remaining traces of the HP software - since HP's uninstallers don't work).
*If you used the original CD supplied with the printer that is fine. If you have since upgraded make sure you use the uninstallL1...L4 from the actual version for drivers you have installed. If you use the wrong ones they don't work (brilliant bit of design).
-Carol Haynes (January 29, 2011, 04:08 AM)
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The original CD was used for the install but I cannot find folder CCC nor any *uninstall* files on it :(
cant find any info about these files in the HP (german) site, will try one of their english sites

I could simply reinstall the same version (22.0.334.0 - new version is 22.50.231) but would hope that the new version is better.
The HP site says to simply uninstall and install more recent driver on top (I know, dont trust...)

Stoic Joker:
I did a quick check, HP calls it a Scrubber (most of the time).

If you go to the HP Drivers & Software page for the OfficeJet 8500 it will be listed under utilities as a "Removal Tool".

Hopefully these links will work from where you're at:

HP Officejet Pro Software and Driver Removal Utility

HP Officejet Basic Driver Removal Utility - IT Professional Use Only (Corporate Scrubber)


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