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Auspex Tips, Tricks and Uses


I'll keep this thing updated with any good ideas that come my way.

To start things off:

Fast, Automatic Text
Create useful Replacements for repetitive typing. Good examples would be:

Your email signatures - perhaps you have a different way of signing your messages depending whom you are addressing.

Mnemonic: rj
Purpose: Very quick and smooth way to sign your emails

Mnemonic: m@e
Replacement: [email protected]
Purpose: speed up and improve the accuracy of typing your email address

Spelling Corrections

This example uses RegEx
Mnemonic: crit[e|i][c|s][e|i][s|z]e
Replacement: criticize
Purpose: Corrects all of the most common misspellings -> criticize

Mnemonic: htm*
Replacement: <html></html>
Cursor position: 6
Purpose: fast creation of HTML/XML tags

Create simple Replacements to enter those irritating special characters and symbols
For instance:

    * create a Replacement called 'gbp' to enter the £ symbol
    * create a Replacement called 'cpy' to enter the © symbol
    * create a Replacement called 'reg' to enter the ® symbol
    * create a Replacement called 'qrt' to enter the ¼ symbol

The possibilities are endless!

Nest replacements if they share the same text

For example, if several of your replacements all reference the same webpage, make a simple replacement for just the webpage itself, and then reference it in your other replacements. That way, if the webpage address ever changes, you only need to make one correction and all the references will work.

Block words that you do not want to keep seeing as suggested auto-completions

You may frequently type words that Auspex will track, but that you do not want to see popping up all the time. Set their status to Blocked and they will never show up again. For example, passwords  :)

Auspex also tries to auto-detect password fields, and also password-like typing. In both cases, the text is NOT stored anywhere.

Some of those ideas make me see red!

Some of those ideas make me see red!
-cranioscopical (January 25, 2011, 05:46 PM)
--- End quote ---

Settle down... some of the words are red.   ;)

Any way of releasing a new version that detects password boxes and doesn't try to complete in them?



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