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Writing Outliner for MS Word

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Nothing yet... it takes me a while to get to these things  :-[

Introductory Promo - Get [Writing Outliner] for $49 only!

You save $30! Time-limited!
After buying Writing Outliner you will:

    * Receive the license key and download link of the full version immediately!
    * Get responsive support via email
    * Get one-year free upgrade
      One year later you can upgrade with a discounted cost (40% off usually)

--- End quote ---
Get [Writing Outliner] + [MindVisualizer] for $69 only!

MindVisualizer is a easy-to-use and feature-rich mind mapping software which you writer will find very helpful when you need to:

    * Capture and organize your writing ideas, notes, text snippets, etc,
    * Brainstorm new writing ideas,
    * See the big picture of your writings, and so on.

MindVisualizer normally costs $79, but during this pre-launch promotion, you can get these two powerful tools for writers for only $69, you save $89 in total!
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-the above quoted offer is again/still available. The bundled offer is tempting ♥ , but:
>Microsoft Word 2000, XP, 2003 and 2007, or 2010 (32 bit only)<

Hello ,

This email is here to announce the new release of Writing Outliner v1.5.

New Feature Highlights

    New: Export entire project data
    You can now export all documents (including the meta data) from a project to a folder in your computer – you no longer have to worry about vendor lock-in.
    New: Project-wide global replace
    After doing a full text search, several string replace options will be provided for replacing the matched strings in you project documents.

    New: Copy, cut and paste documents
    Now you can copy and paste documents within a project with the new copy and paste new commands available in the outline view. You can use these new commands as a compromised solution for ‘document templates’.

And the software user manual is complete now!
Click here for more details about what's new...
--- End quote ---

The "New/improved features in this release" is quite long and interesting.

Tuesday 19 July 2011, Writing Outliner via Bits du Jour again. $29 again.

Sorry, 64bit Office isn't supported now, but it will be supported in the future. Actually, MS Office 2010 includes both the 32bit and 64 bit version, and using the 32bit version will allow you continue using all existing add-ins.

Unicode is OK in the word documents, however, a few places such as the notes in the left side bar will not support some types of languages. This will be fixed in future versions. Thanks.-Edwin Yip from Writing Outliner
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It is still at version 1.5

Writing Outliner v1.5.20.790 minor version upgrade

Dear Writing Outliner users,

A new version of Writing Outliner software is ready for download now. This is a minor update with just one fix for the potential, critical data lost problem which might happen when switching documents.

As announced previously, significant modifications are being made to Writing Outliner software currently, and while Paul Yip (a new development member of the Writing Outliner software project team) was working on those changes, he reproduced the problem and he seems to have found the source of the problem and fixed it, so we decided to release a new version based on the original version, before the significant changes are ready for download.

All Writing Outliner users are highly recommended to upgrade to this new version.

To upgrade, paid users please click the ‘Check for updates‘ link which can be found at the bottom of the left pane in Writing Outliner.

Trial version can be download "here".
--- End quote ---
Promo for the upcoming holidays

In this newsletter only:

    Writing Outliner costs only $29.95! Buy now!

     The easy & nice-looking mind mapping software MindVisualizer is 60% off during the holidays! Buy now!

The prices will be valid till the new year holiday ends.

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