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Writing Outliner for MS Word

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Writing Outliner for MS Word is 29.00 today only at bits du jour.

It looks like a great piece of software... but I'd heard nothing about it before now.  Has anyone here had any experiences?  If I don't hear anything, I'll probably get it, but I just figured I'd ask here first.

Looks interesting indeed. I'd have less need for it now than I had a couple years ago... But I like the features and the implementation.

Short feature list :

    * Transform Word into a much more powerful utility optimized for large scale, complex writing projects.
    * Manage and write sections of your long writing projects as though they were discrete documents.
    * View a document as a Multi-Column Outline with meta data displayed, including titles, synopsis, notes, status icon, label icon, tags, word count, target word count, and so on.
    * Utilize ultra-fast text search.
    * Utilize tabbed-editing for much faster navigation between documents.
    * Organize your documents with customizable Document Status Icons and Document Label Icons.
    * Attach customizable text tags to draft documents.
    * Write synopses and notes for each draft document.
    * Access a backup and restore feature allows you to manually or automatically (upon closing a project) backup your whole writing project. Revert to any of the old revisions at a future time!
    * Navigate your files from within Writing Outliner with a full-featured Windows Explorer component.
    * Merge separate draft documents into a single long document for output.
    * Get a visual overview of your project with the new Corkboard feature.

1) They don't tell if Unicode is fully supported or not.

2) No 64-bits support.

But apart from this, Yes, it sounds very interesting.

2) No 64-bits support.
-Curt (January 25, 2011, 03:23 PM)
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From the bits discussion:
64-bit Office will be supported in the future. Currently, in order to use Writing Outliner with Office 2010, you'll have to install the 32bit version.

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It appears to have a few issues, so basically it seems you're getting a good price in exchange for your confidence that the author will stick to his promises.  He looks pretty active in the forums for the project, and it's been going for almost a year, so that's reassuring enough for me to buy... going to pull the trigger...!

Any comments on your purchase, wraith808 ? Are you satisfied ?


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