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Subscribe to receive text messages from Baby Cody


NOTICE: I have canceled my account, so this offer is no longer available. Sorry.

I recently got a job doing customer service and tech support at In order to do my job well, I need to become a user of their product so I am familiar enough with it to help people that can't figure it out.

Since I do not plan on having a paid account, and free lite accounts are limited to non-commercial use, and I don't have a use for the service, personally, I figured I'd use my free account for something fun and DC related.

Therefore, anyone in the US (up to a max of 100 subscribers) can now receive text alerts from Baby Cody. This is free to you. You will not be charged by the service to receive these messages. All you have to do is send a text message to 41411 on your cell phone, with the keyword BABYCODY to subscribe. (The service does not work outside the US or with Google Voice)

After that, whenever Baby Cody moves from one location to another, you will receive an alert from him, giving you his destination or arrival status. You will receive at least one message per month (the minimum needed to keep the keyword from being deleted) regardless of Baby Cody's status. You may receive other alerts from him, from time to time, too, but I promise not to overwhelm you, these messages will be very infrequent, and I will try to make them fun.

If you change your mind at any point and wish to unsubscribe, just respond to any message sent by Baby Cody with LEAVE BABYCODY.

Currently, I have 7 days left on my free trial, afterward it will convert to an ad supported free lite account. Once the conversion goes through, there will be a short ad automatically tacked on to the end of all messages. I do not profit from these ads and the revenue they generate is used to offset the costs of providing the free service. UPDATE: The messages will remain ad-free, for as long as I work for the company.  :D

This offer is only valid to the first 100 subscribers in the US. Message and Data rates may apply. If you have any issues with signing up or leaving, contact me for help.

Cool!  8)

Too bad I am in Germany, it would be the only text service I'd ever sign up to.

And speaking of Baby Cody, I'll have more pictures tomorrow :D

Pretty cute idea :)

Since I no longer work for the company and only 3 people subscribed to receive alerts from BabyCody, I am going to be discontinuing the messages and canceling my account.


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