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Karen's Directory Printer - copy content of a directory to txt file or print it

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You might want to cross-reference the thread Goodness! Is there NO Win utility to do "DIR /S/B C:\ZZZ\*.JPG > RESULT.TXT"?, specifically mouser's post LS - File List Generator (for Windows).  As LS is under 50k I've attached it below.


But normally I use a much faster solution: Right-click the folder and click "Create FileListing Text". HALF A SECOND later File_Listing.txt has been created and saved. End of story. Now where did I get this feature from? ?!
-Curt (January 22, 2011, 04:07 PM)
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Possibly here?


Wow - Karen's Directory Printer is still around and working on the latest OS's? Cool. I am using other means currently but this one got me through many times in the past.   :)




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