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Google? Spam? Ads? No... No Conflict of Interest Here...

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They specifically say Adult Content is allowed but might require a warning
--- End quote ---
If i'm not wrong only child pornography and religious porno provocation is banned in some countries. Google follows USA's laws and so the rules applies as per that. But open tops/nudity is not usually banned on many hosting services, unless there is hardcore stuff. Okay not want to go into porn SEO. :D

About autoblog plugins there are many- wp robot (not free- used on site metroadvice. com) which is very popular from what i see on reviews. Also there are autoblog plugins as well. By the way guys don't give backlinks to spammers, Doco is dofollow forum so this will help them for sure. :D

Google better start hiring more people if this guy has found ways to auto blog worse/better than existing tools. Would be interesting to hear their opinion about such advertisement. I guess they don't like tools but accept output.



By the way if you want to see such tools in action or want to chat with the tool's creator then you should definitely check out and These two forums are goldmine of SE manipulation.  Oh google already knows about them but can't do anything against them. As i said earlier, googleplex is loaded with bunch of phd noobs. ;)

Yes I am sure Google know all this, some also mention auto blogs in comments on Matt Cutts announcement of new change, but I would like to hear official opinion. Most sites will have Google Ads so perhaps there is an opening for filtering that way. How come sites begging to get demoted are approved for Google Ads? Is that not an effective weapon Google has not used? 3rd party affiliate links they cannot control I guess. But since tool brags about being "Built for Google 2011" they must have an opinion about it. I would expect most of these accessories to web development to have Google references in some way. "Optimized for Google" "Guaranteed to work on Google" etc. Even if they can't do much about it there could be an effect in just showing how concerned and disgusted they are. Avoid some getting the idea that when Google say there is less spam than years ago it is because they have lowered standards, not because amount has decreased. They could avoid conspiracy logic by being more specific in what they approve of.

May be they are overpaid virgins of reality. I read all Google employees got a 10% raise per. January this year. They should be able to fix problems when algorithm fails.

I have exactly opposite opinion, more and more people are moving to online writing and SEO earning so spam was less before 2009. We're seeing more spam after SEO-Boom and SE manipulation.


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