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Google? Spam? Ads? No... No Conflict of Interest Here...

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are you stating the obvious by saying it is waste of time?
--- End quote ---

Yes. From where we're looking at things and the way we get reactions in return from the system. Is it known fact ? How can i say it for sure ? Because there are likely to be some cases where it works. For example, people like micheal gray, seth godin if posted about X/Y/Z site being autoblog crap or why it's on page 1 for such crap, then things can be fixed in minutes. So can't say it's known fact or if google takes action or not, confidently.

Matt cutts and team is quite mysterious at combating spam. Don't be surprised if many good sites like our member blogs, doco forum gets slapped in next google update, google is likely to fail 2-3 algorithm updates before getting any good result. And chances are there that some good sites will suffer in these future updates.

P:S- You just linked to that spam blog in your reply. Make it text instead of hyperlink so that they don't get linkjuice from doco for being scrappy ;)

Ooops, I have fixed links.

With all those pages to deal with they must use automated algorithms and so mistakes happen. What they do to manually fix errors is more interesting. We need a former employee to get chatty about how Google work internally with this. Not much valid info is available I think. Not easy to complain when no one has any fact based info. I am optimist and believe they just need to change priorities, get finger out.

I have complained :) I noticed site is no longer no. 27 here but 36 and went hmm. Coincidence with their latest anti-scraping/spam move of today?

That's been one very specific thing that's been pissing me off -- copied content from StackOverflow. Good to know that those issues will be getting addressed. It's about time.

So much for that... F**king lies... They've not done jack.

Stolen without attribution:

Stolen WITH attribution:
Stolen StackOverflow content:

If they're not lying, then they're just doing a piss poor job of filtering stolen content.

The fact that the thieves are serving up Google ads STILL does not look good.

It just HAS to make you wonder. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck... it's probably a duck.


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