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GarageGames: $99 Game Engines (with Source!)

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Torque 3D just released a massive update to version 1.1:

We fixed all known crashes in our tools except for one known issue in the gui editor (I’ll post the just didn’t make the last round by a few hours). In a herculean effort, Rene rewrote zones and portals because the old system was too brittle and he wanted to get it right for our users. We’ve fixed hundreds upon hundreds of bugs (248 confirmed fixes) and performance issues since beta 3. This is the most stable version of Torque since TGE and our QA team of four has done an amazing job! Special thanks also to those who provided feedback and reproduction cases in our forums from the preview we released almost two months ago.-
--- End quote ---

And it's still $99 for the time being.

Their site is throwing an error right now:

"Application Error

An internal error has occurred. We apologize for the inconvenience. If this screen has appeared during a transaction, please contact [email protected] Please, do not attempt the transaction again.

Sorry, the search found no results.

I didn't expect the sale to last this long, but all good things must come to an end:

On sales promotions, our $99 promotion on Torque products will be ending soon. We haven't locked down a date yet, but it is a limited time promotion. I'd also like to note Torsion and pureLIGHT are also limited time sales. Grab them while they are on sale. Keep your eyes open for Torque 2D. There's going to be a sale on two products later on in the week.-
--- End quote ---

The new pricing scheme has been released for Torque 3D 1.2 and will go into effect on October 17th. If you're interested, buy sooner than later to save yourself some money.

New Customer   $179
Torque 3D Binary Owner   $69
Torque 3D Pro Owner   $49
Torque 3D Binary Studio Owner   $40 per seat
Torque 3D Pro Studio Owner   $20 per seat
--- End quote ---

Torque 3D Pro is $99 right now so if you were to buy it now and then upgrade to T3D 1.2 it would cost $148 which is $31 less than buying it as a new customer for $179.

I wonder why TorqueX is temporarily unavailable?!?


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