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GarageGames: $99 Game Engines (with Source!)

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I might get it in any case... especially given the blurb on the bottom of the page, and the fact that they're re-evaluating direction, which might mean good things, and the fact that they didn't use the same language as they did with iTorque3D...  especially as they give the source!

Yeah, and you can also probably count on folks in the forums porting the source to XNA 4.0 if GG don't do it themselves.

There was and RTS kit for GG's older 3D engine (TGE) that was frankly a piece of crap because it was not very compatible with the latest version of TGE. But because the source was available, several people in the community worked on it to port it to the latest version of TGE. Eventually GG made the community updated/ported version available as the official download and, IIRC, made some updates/fixes to it themselves as well.

:/ Whenever i get posted at place with low internet connection speed, such offers pop-up.

:/ Whenever i get posted at place with low internet connection speed, such offers pop-up.
-mahesh2k (January 22, 2011, 09:06 AM)
--- End quote ---

You don't need a high/fast internet connection speed to purchase Torque. :huh:

If you were really interested you could just buy it and then download it in the future when you were somewhere with a better internet connection.

By the way, Renegade, If you really want to use C#, you should check out the Unity game engine. It's highly polished and has a free version for indies.

EDIT: And though I inferred it, just to be clear, it uses C# (or javascript) as the scripting language.


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