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Let's try to create our own suite for internet security.

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Comodo Firewall and Superantispyware added.

For this discussion, do we also want to consider boundary defense measures?
-40hz (January 16, 2011, 08:49 AM)
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I'm not very familiar with those things, but if you recommend them I'm sure they are valuable.  Let me look into them and I'll probably add it to the list.  No!  I think it's very appropriate to discuss it here.  Discuss away!  Tell us how it works and why it's useful.

Do we still recommend CCleaner as a useful system cleaning tool?

I use CCleaner.  Also like Glary Utilities.

I use CCleaner.  Also like Glary Utilities.
-kyrathaba (January 17, 2011, 08:35 PM)
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Sure.  There are a million so-called "cleaners".  i seriously have no idea how to judge which one is better than another.  How does anyone do that?  I mentioned CCleaner because from what I understand, it is VERY widely used and has largely received praises.  I'm not going to list lesser known programs unless it does something uniquely, and remarkably well.

This is also similar to the anti-malware software.  There are a million different ones.  I list Malwarebytes and Superantispyware because they are used by TONS of people and there aren't many bad things said about it.  People used to say a lot of good things about Spybot and SpySweeper.  But not so much in recent years.  I don't know why.  It may be a case like MSE where a free version came along that was just as good, so why bother paying for it?  Look at me...I've dropped Kaspersky after years of using it because MSE is just better in a lot of ways, and Kaspersky over the years has just gotten slower and bigger.  It's still a great AV software, but so is MSE and it's less bloated and faster, so why bother with Kaspersky?  I think the same may have happened with SpySweeper.  These free programs are doing a pretty good job, it seems like.

Another one that has fallen off the radar: Ad-Aware. What happened to that?  Does anyone still use it?


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