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I would like to add myself to the list of those who would like an easy way to import ones own corrections and abbreviation lists into Auspex.

e.g. using a delimiter to separate the two:

so I want the phrase   uset he  to be fixed to use the  and the word   ast to become astronomy

in the import list, I would show these as:

uset he/use the

the reason that a space cannot be the delimiter is obvious from the above example.

Also, am I the only one who wants the option for Auspex to NOT show a pop up window of choices?  If the word is not in my autocorrect list or in Auspex's, then I don't want to be distracted, even for a second, by a pop up window.


Hello all,

1. Is there any way to have Asupex ignore "words" starting with numbers ?

I have a system where I enter dates often, in the form of dd-mm, bur Auspex often extends that to something I don't want.

I have tried to use a regex expression with a "block" action, but it has even worse results then. That reduces productivity for me.

2. When Auspex presents me with a relatively long list of suggestions, they are prefixed by a number. How can I use this number to quickly select which suggestion I would like to use ? Or is that not possible yet ?

Anyway, Auspex is already helping me a lot, so please keep up the good work !

Great app. although it still needs some bug fixes/feature additions. But certainly a committed and active developer. Kudos to timns for your generous contribution. 
Haven't got the time to play with it but at the first glance, here's my most wanted feature right now:
ability to set format for texts (font/color/size/etc.)
Thanks again.

Hi Timns! I've got another quick request for the next version of Auspex, when you get time.

Actually, it's a two-fer:

* Use the delete key on the keyboard when in the tree view to delete items.
* A way to disble the "Are You Sure" box when deleting items.
I end up doing a lot of manual maintenance on my list, mostly deleting incorrect entries, and boy does that confirm dialog get old fast.  ;D

I can't quite figure out how Auspex decides when to capture punctuation and when to ignore it. A lot of the items I am deleting are of this variety:

* designs
* designs,
* designs.
* designs?I find the punctuated entries just slow me down, and make the popup bubble too long, so I periodically go through and clear them out. (I also clear out common mis-typings.)

Auspex continues to be a great tool that I use every day. Thanks again!


I'd like to know if Auspex can do the following: automatically convert ! [a-z] to ! [A-Z]? I.e. put the first letter of a new sentence in upper-case after an exclamation mark (or a question mark)?

Thank you!  :)


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