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New build 81 just uploaded on special request from a DC-er.

Additional import feature thrown in place, to read the following format:

abc     this is replacement text for abc
cde     same for cde
xyz     hey folks, I love all text replacement programs

etc. etc.

Tested and working on over 13,000 medical terms. Now I feel like a hypochondriac. Certainly something has been making me sick today.

If anyone would like me to make this more general, just let me know.

Ok, re the date and time tokens in Auspex:

'%date%' - inserts the complete date in your current locale
'%time%' - time in hh:mm:ss, 24 hour clock
'%hour%' - just the hour, 0-23
'%hour12%' - just the hour, 0-11
'%minute%' - minutes
'%second%' - seconds
'%ampm%' - the string AM/PM, in your current locale

'%yyyy%' - 4-digit year
'%yy%'  - 2-digit year
'%mm%' - 2-digit month
%month% - short month name (Jan, Feb etc)
%monthname% - long month name (January, February etc)
'%dd%' - 2-digit day
'%day%' -  short day name (Mon, Tue etc.)
'%dayname%' - long day name (Monday, Tuesday etc)

%dayname%, %month% %dd% %yyyy% %hour%:%minute% %ampm% = Sunday, Jan 16 2011 10:30 AM

looks like second %day% needs a quick edit to become %dayname%  ;)

looks like second %day% needs a quick edit to become %dayname%  ;)

-nudone (January 16, 2011, 03:10 PM)
--- End quote ---

Agh. And also: yes  :-[

Good eye there.

And the %hour% in tha example should probably %hour12% :D


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