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Programs close when switching to battery power (Win 7)?


Ever since using Win7 for the first time, I've had this issue where whenever I switch from AC to battery power, several programs will close. I've googled this, but couldn't find anything related to this, so I'm calling out to the DC community for some help  :-[

I've yet to see why some programs close while others don't. Examples of programs that will close when I "pull the plug": FARR, WordWeb Pro, Logitech SetPoint. At first I thought it was related to using a startup manager (Chameleon), but it doesn't seem like it, because some programs aren't controlled by Chameleon, while others are. I can't see any connection to where the programs are started (registry, startup folder, current/all users). Any idea what I need to do to stop this behaviour? My laptop is usually plugged in, but sometimes I need to rely on battery power and it's annoying to see several programs close whenever that happens...

It's probably some oversight on my part in power settings somewhere, but I'd love to get some help with this :) Thank you!

I doubt if it's related to power settings, but in any case why not ask at Maybe someone from there knows about this.

Hm, I've seen that happen on laptops of colleagues. AFAIK The only way to get it 'fixed' is to re-install Windows, because there is some hick-up or clash of drivers (probably older versions currently already updated) that cause this. Ppl with exact the same laptops, 'installed' using the same image-file, and gotten the same updates (controlled by a local WSUS server), one can have the issue, while none of the others has.


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