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FScript2, a new way to build javascript plugins for FARR

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I've completed a first beta version of fscript2. Too bad, I'm a build too late for NANY ;)

FScript2 is a new way to write plugins for FARR in javascript, vbscript, and possibly other active scripting languages. FScript did that but it had a number of shortcomings. In particular, it was difficult to maintain and especially to update. FScript2 should solve that.

What it does

FScript2 load all fscript plugins under one master DLL. Other than that FScript2 does the same thing that FScript does, but it does them so much more neatly ;) :

- This means that once FScript2 is installed, an fscript plugin can be as light as a single fscript.js.
- This should also make plugins much lighter in memory since there will be only one DLL that control all plugins.
- This also means that FScript2 will be updatable by DCUpdate so there won't be a need for plugins scripter to repackage their plugins with my latest DLL, which has caused a lot of issues as I fixed bugs progressively.

How to use it

FScript2 is compatible with FScript plugins. To allow an FScript2 plugin you must delete the fscript.dll from that plugin.

Copy FScript2 inside the plugin folder. FScript2 will try to detect plugins one folder under its installation folder : If you install it into 'plugins/Fscript2', it will scan every folder under the 'plugins' folder seeking for fscript.js files.

To enable thoses plugins to use FScript2, fscript.dll must be deleted inside each plugin. Folder that contains an fscript.dll file will be ignored.  This is a security and should help with the transition : If some plugin doesn't work with FScript2, restore its original dll, and everything will work again.

Launch FARR and it should load plugins as if they were natives FARR plugins.

Extra notes

FScript2 create proxy dll for each FScript2 plugins. They are very small 10k DLL, that forward all call to the DLL. Theses DLL are created inside the proxy folder inside the FScript2 folder. This means that, that folder must be writable, so that FScript2 enable plugins. If you have some warning telling you that some plugins can be copied, you might have to fix that.

Some FScript plugins doesn't seems to work, but I'm unsure if this came from the plugin or from Fscript2 as they do not seems to work correctly with Fscript either. I'll be very happy to have some report of what works and what doesn't. Retesting all fscript plugins with fscript2 is beyond what I can do, so testers are welcome.

Try it
Get FScript2 here.

Works well for me, thanks for the effort!

(a few DC credits coming your way)

Thanks, your credits are very appreciated. It has been an epic fight to shape all that code into that proxy dll stuff ;)

PrinterList plugin doesn't work.
Subsequent to that search for plugins in FARR shows empty (unloaded), as it should but then anything I try to do with FARR throws an access violation error and I have to kill the process to escape.

TimeZone works
ProcessInfo works (I think). It loads but I can't get at it due to the issue mentioned above. Once Printerlist fails to load things go bad.

Yep, I spoke too soon about it working.

With Timezone and ProcessInfo loaded, and PrinterList removed, if I try to look at the plugins through the FARR interface I get an error and the only way I can get out is to kill the FARR process.

Let me go back to the old way and make sure that wasn't happening before (I don't spend a lot of time looking at plugins in FARR ;D)

I just reverted to the old way. Problem gone. It's fscript2, I hate to tell you.

On my system, once fscript2 is loaded I can't exit FARR normally, even without trying to look at plugins.

I'm on XP SP3.


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