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Ini manipulation tools (text manipulation tools) software

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I would like to obtain a list of the best programs to manipulate text strings. Create ini automatically or generate ini files according rules.

A script to insert, add, delete,....... over a text file.

Best Regards

you can easily do this in AHK (and probably AutoIt)

see iniread and iniwrite in the documentation

There are a few categories that I think might be relevant:

* Code generator utilities
* Regular expression utilities
* Search and replace utilities

You can find lists in Wikipedia usually.


Let's go. I will comment

IniFile, latest version 1.6, freeware by Horst Schaeffer:
IniFile handles Windows type INI files with section names in square brackets, and assignments of the form: item=string.


INIFILE filename [section] item=string    change or write
INIFILE filename [section] item=    remove item
INIFILE filename [section] item==    clear item
INIFILE filename [section] /remove    remove entire section
INIFILE filename [section] item > temp.bat    read item
INIFILE filename [section] > temp.bat    read all items of section

Items and sections are generated if not found. The INI file must exist.

Reading an assignment sends a SET statement to STDOUT, which can be redirected to a temporary batch file, or processed with a FOR /F construct.


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