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Hm, I've been staring at this issue for long enough, and searched the i-net too, but there seems to be some issue between the Excel Object model and external scripting that's just to tricky to solve in an easy way. :mad:
As claimed before: "It works on my machine" (W7 x64, Office 2007 with all updates applied, macro's and VBA enabled to the max)

Guess it's time to start on my earlier claim:
Planned Features
Remove the requirement of having Excel installed locally (involves rewriting in Java...)
-Ath (March 19, 2011, 03:53 PM)
--- End quote ---
Not sure it fits the NANY rules (I'll check that later), but I hope to continue with a tool that has the same functionality, with 1 difference, that it Just Works :tellme:

I'll start to work on it asap, and pledge for NANY2012 if that applies, or re-release as version 2 (the current one really should have gotten v1.0)
That will ofcourse replace the 'Excel-installed' requirement for the 'Java-installed' requirement. ;)

Well... It isn't going to hold up to the NANY rules (it's gotta be spranklin' new), so I'll do a 'normal' v2 re-release in this thread.

It'll take me some time to wrap things up, so don't hold your breath waiting :P

Sorry to hear about that barrier, but glad to know about v2 coming... -- can't wait!  :Thmbsup:

After a few days of muttering around in Java, and testing nearly all features, I can now announce:

Excel2Html v2
A complete re-write of Excel2Html v0.x, but now in Java, instead of AutoIt 3.

The download can be found in this release message, linking to my Excel2Html DCMembers page

Any issues, remarks etc. can be posted in this thread.

I expect that bootz15' (and probably others') issues regarding the AutoIt/Excel clashes will be gone (as both are now eliminated...)

Sounds good... but the download link is dead (  :(


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