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DONE: HTML Mail Merge

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Well, I found a few bugs, related to the speed of release, that obviously cut some corners in the testing department :-[

Also added a -m maxrow option, made any error messageboxes autoclose after 60 seconds and completely suppressible by -q parameter.

Download from my original release-post, above

I am using v0.5.0, running "Excel2Html -f testaddresses.xlsx -t Excel2Html-1-template.html -o test.html", and getting this error after my Excel 2010 opens:

--AutoIt Error--
Line 574 (File..../Excel2Html.exe)
Error: The requested action with this object has failed.

I am using Windows 7 x64.

Some more info please:

* What's the version of Office/Excel you have installed? I've been testing with Office 2007 with all SP's installed.
* And where's the xlsx file located? on a local or network drive?
* Are any questions/confirmations asked when you try to open the file directly?
Oh, and can you try using the au3 as the source (most likely Excel won't close even when E2H is finished, but you can do that by hand), it gives much more accurate line-numbers in the error report then the compiled exe.

Hm, a week went by without a response. :huh:

Did anybody else try and had issues like this with Excel2Html?

A test-commandline could be something like "Excel2Html -f testaddresses.xlsx -t Excel2Html-all-template.html -o test.html"

Running the uncompiled .au3 script (assuming AutoIt3 is installed...) would give an accurate source-linenumber on any errors: "Excel2Html.au3 -f testad..."
Adding "-d " between Excel2Html and -f like: "Excel2Html -d -f testad..." writes some logging info to Excel2Html.log, that could be of interest if anything wonky happens.

Any results would be highly appreciated, as ofcourse it "works on my machine"... ;)

I've made a screenshot of the expected result, when opened in a browser (FF4 over here):
DONE: HTML Mail Merge


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