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Being able to mailmerge multiple HTML pages using Excel row data would be a great convenience for webmasters. This idea can already be implemented using MS Word mailmerge but it requires an add-on and some scripting. It is also inconvenient. I'd like a simple program to substitute an html variable with its row,cell data in Excel. I'd also like it to save each row of substitutes as a separate HTML file. Thanks.

If you can save your Excel file as, say, csv, this would be spectacularly easy with some clever search-and-replace while looping through the data.

Which I would be happy to help you with.

But if you need to stay with Excel format, or 'from within Excel' then it's getting messy. From my point of view anyway.  :-[

Application Name Excel2Html Version Short Description Convert Excel data (row based) to html output, based on a template Supported OSes Windows, Linux (tested on Ubuntu with Sun/Oracle Java 6) Web Page This thread and This DCMembers page Download Link
* v2.x: Complete package from the DCMembers server
* v0.x: Attached to this thread (available but no longer actively supported) System Requirements
* Java Runtime Environment 6 (or newer)
* Microsoft Excel installed and working (v0.x only)Version History
* 2012-03-02: Added tags to loop over all rows, also in single-file mode
* 2011-07-27: Added Linux .sh script like the Windows .cmd script
* 2011-07-27: Added command-line options -sf and -dt
* 2011-07-26: Resolved an issue with formulas not giving the expected result but the formula text instead (full re-download required)
* 2011-07-25: Complete rewrite in Java, feature, config and command-line compatible
* Only one exception: the message timeout option (-et) isn't needed and so not implemented in v2.0
* 0.5.0: Bugfixes and a few extra features<br/>extra logging options<br/>Suppressible messageboxes on error, with timeout (60 sec)
* 0.4.0: First released versionAuthor Ath

A command-line tool to convert Excel data into html like the Mail Merge feature of Word. Created as a resolution to this until now unfinished Coding Snack, during the March 2011 fundraiser event.

Convert Excel data into 1 big html table (singlefile mode) or each row into a single html file, or multifile mode where the names of the file can either be based on row number of column data (multiple columns can be used), and each column can be output anywhere the html based template allows. Startrow and Maxrow can be set by parameters.

Planned Features

* Remove the requirement of having Excel installed locally (involves rewriting in Java...) Now realized with v2.0
* Filtering of data, if requested by users.
* User request, anyone?
What's new

* v2.1.0.0 2012-03-02, Ath
* + Added 2 new tags for looping over all rows of the excel sheet (as defined by the -r/-s/-m parameters) (suggestion by DeVamp)
* + Added an xml example for looping
* * Readme updated for the new tags
* v2.0.1.2 2011-07-27, Ath
* + Added after some testing with Excel2Html on Ubuntu linux (should be set to executable to run directly)
* * Updated readme accordingly for some linux differences
* v2.0.1.1 2011-07-27, Ath
* ! Documented -sf parameter to enable ShowFormula, displaying [formula text] with the result of the formula (for testing)
* + Added -dt parameter to Display all Tags supported in the template
* v2.0.1.0 2011-07-26, Ath
* ! Fixed issue with not handling formulas correctly, by replacing poi-ooxml-schemas-<version>.jar by ooxml-schemas-1.1.jar
* v2.0.0.1 2011-07-26, Ath
* * Improvements to the build scripts to automatically produce -nolib archive and publish.version archives
* * Sets errorlevel to 1 when an error occurs, so the batch file can jump to a pause to keep the message in sight
* * Sets errorlevel to 2 if something goes awry during processing of the Excel file to html file(s)
* * Some minor source and javadoc improvements

* Unpack the contents of the zipfile into it's own directory
* Create a template with markers as documented in the readme file
* Optionally: Configure parameters in Excel2Html.ini
Using the Application
Specify any not yet configured parameters on the command-line to Excel2Html to produce the html file(s)

Remove all files from the computer

Known Issues

* Date display is somewhat problematic, though usable

Thank you Ath!!

Thank you brother!!!!  :up:


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