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Feature request: in-video notes


The following would be useful for lucid dreaming purposes (by using Webcam Video Diary to record dreams):

- when recording or playing a video, it's possible to pause and define a "in-video note", that is made by a "title" (input line field) and a "free text" (textarea field);

- the in-video notes are stored into a sqlite database, or whatever (text file?): a record (or text-file line) is an identifier (name?) of the video they belong to, the timestamp in that video, the note's title, and the note's free text;

- possibly, when you insert a in-video note, typing the title it autocompletes using the other in-video notes' titles of every video with the same identifier label (I mean, "%IDENTIFIER%"); and also show the entries somewhere (a popup?) in a sorted-by-occurrence list, where you can click one of those titles and it gets copied into the title input field, together with the associated free-text into the textarea field (but you can still edit both, of course).

Besides, in some tab of the app or wherever you want:

- for a selected %IDENTIFIER%, show the in-video notes' titles sorted by occurrence, and through filters on the free text;

- by clicking them, jump to the corresponding video and timestamp (and play the video from there).

So, for lucid dreaming purposes, for instance one could use the titles for simple descriptions of the hooks (e.g. "pink elephant"), and the free text for some conventional string, e.g. "__IMPOSSIBLE__".
The software could allow to filter notes containing (or not) the string "__IMPOSSIBLE__" into the free text; and eventually also more complex queries (e.g. notes not containing string "__IMPOSSIBLE__" and containing string "stairs").

if we simplify a bit and try to keep the main ideas, what if it was like this:

1) there will still be only one large text box for each video/image, stored in a plain text file, as is currently done.
2) but make it easier for people to specify for a video/image a list of TAGS
3) and make it easier for people to specify time offsets in their notes.
4) make it easy to search and list files for specific tags/text

Yes, that way I think it won't be as effective as it could, but probably somehow very useful anyway, and a good starting point. I can't estimate how much difference in efforts/time it would be to support standard (one-dimensional) tags instead of multidimensional ones (i.e. in-video notes), but if the marginal cost is high I'd go with the former too, while if it's low I'd definitely go with the latter.
By the way, when specifying tags for a video/image, it would be important to let the user see all the tags specified for that %IDENTIFIER%, sorted by occurrence (in descending order), and pick from them, or add new ones. (In case of multi-dimensional tags, the "immediately visible" coordinate of course would be the title).

when specifying tags for a video/image, it would be important to let the user see all the tags specified for that %IDENTIFIER%
--- End quote ---

i see the value in choosing from a list of previously used tags.  can you elaborate on the idea of tags associated with an identifier?

Sure. In Tab "Project Options" you let the user define a current "Identifier" label, imagine it is "my-dreams", because the user wants to start a video-log of her dreams.
She wakes up, and starts the app, with "my-dreams" as current identifier. In the "Live Camera Video" she eventually writes something into the "Optional Recording Label" field, that is a title for the dream she's going to record - but this has not to be considered as part of the "identifier", i.e. the identifier is still "my-dreams".
While recording, she can pause and insert tags, then resume. Also, she'll be able to add tags when the recording will end. And also, when she'll have a video selected into the "Media File Viewer" Tab.
The process of tags insertion is done by viewing a list of all the tags defined for videos with the same identifier (in this example, "my-dreams"), sorted by descending number of total occurrencies, and writing something into an input field; while writing, the list dynamically changes on every keypress, filtering out tags that don't contain the written string. On the right of the input field there is a [ADD] button, that when pressed clears the field and puts that string into the bucket of tags for the current video. Also, hovering on the tags in the dynamic list retrieved from the videos with same identifier, a [ADD] button appears, that when pressed puts that tag into the bucket of tags for the current video. Hovering on the tags in the bucket of tags defined for the current video, a [DEL] button appears, that when pressed deletes that tag for the current video.

Note that if the user defines also e.g. a "startup-ideas" identifier, and records videos with it, the list of tags for that identifier of course won't include those added to videos of "my-dreams" identifier, but only those added to videos of "startup-ideas" identifier.

If it's not clear, or if you want/can do it in some other way, let me know.

EDIT: errata corrige: "dreams" -> "my-dreams"
EDIT: [TAG] button -> [ADD] button


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