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NANY 2011 Release: WordCaster

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ok so look at your test words, they are all nouns.  now try a verb like "satisfy" and you will get the error.

updated regex again: added create, satisfy, move, write, talk, type, shoot, tell, cast, parse, express, hardly, very, going, work to test cases.

now try some adjectives like: sad, happy, etc.  or adverbs like: quickly.

some of those I tried were in those two categories... I anticipated that.  Are you having problems with some specifically?

nevermind... I just tried the ones in your e-mail.  d'oh!

I have it updated for your cases, but now I broke some that worked... create, verb, verbally... I'm going to try to fix those before I upload a new config file.

If anyone else wants to help with my limited regex skills, the regex I'm currently down to is

(?s:((noun *?.*?1\.)|(verb *?.*?1\.)|(&mdash;adj .*1\.)|(adjective *?.*?1\.)).*? *?2\.)

Much longer now as the adj case required special handling so I had to put some common code into the capture groups.


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