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NANY 2011 Release: WordCaster

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I broke the original definitions trying to fix the monkey case. :(  Download the config file and overwrite, or the zip, and the normal cases should work.  I have to figure out why it thinks that monkey doesn't match.

maybe the download is being cached and not grabbing the latest version when we try to download.

otherwise if its just still not working, take a deep breath, relax, and give yourself a few hours to fix it and test it with a few different words :)

I just uploaded a new version of the config file and the zip.  The line you can check to make sure you have the latest in the config file has the regex expression "((noun)|(verb))1\..*?\. *?2\."  If it has a fixed number of spaces before the 2, it's not the latest config file.  It was a combination of my regex and not being consistent across definitions.  In all of my tests, there were 2 spaces before the second definition.  In the case of Monkey, there's only one space.  I'm sure there will be other cases that don't fit the examples I put in the config file... just let me know (or in the case of people better in regex, maybe you can correct it for me :)) and I'll update it.  If you add dictionaries to the file, send those too so I can update the base installation if you don't mind. :)

Wraith, can I ask you to give us 3 words that you can look up and return valid results for dictionaries 1 and 2.
That way we are at least testing it on the same things.  Most of the words i test give that error.

Some I used for the first case include: bus, test, monkey, knight, moon, stream, donation, code, program, stream, desk, table.

For the second case, I used: blog, weblog

I didn't test the second case as much, putting it in there more as an example of what it could do than anything else, so I don't have any other ones offhand.  I did it on a couple of machines other than my development machines to make sure it was nothing on my computer also, though all of them were on my local network, though I don't think that should make a difference.


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