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NANY 2011 :: The Event Closes

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Apologies for being late!  NetLaunch 1.0 is now up. :Thmbsup:

Perry Mowbray:
Apologies for being late!  NetLaunch 1.0 is now up. :Thmbsup:
-kamahl (January 01, 2011, 09:04 PM)
--- End quote ---

No Apologies needed: You're #31  :Thmbsup:

31 Releases who can believe it???  :-* :-*

Awesome work everyone, programmers and organizers alike! There are a lot of awesome and useful entries this year. Selfishly speaking I think there are more entries of direct use/interest to me than last year. :D

- Oshyan

Many thanks to Perry, Mouser, and all the participants!  :up:

Where can I post next year's pledge?  ;)

But I also hereby undertake to continue to support, bug fix and improve my existing NANY projects  :-[


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